"Together we are creating the future. And this future always begins with the people in your company.

Building relationships and training in Future Competence is key."



We enable people, companies and organisations to shape their own future with confidence and clarity.

To achieve this, we combine the effectiveness of consulting, organisational development and coaching. We activate inner growth with the inspiring possibilities of entrepreneurial innovation, technological developments and future competence.

Together we enable profound cultural change and business success through new perspectives and personal potential development.

Together we turn your visions into new reality.


We facilitate workshops, consulting and coaching formats for modern organisational development, inner resource building and future competence. We provide space and promote individual leadership qualities and joint growth in the team through authentic encounters. Our clients develop functional perspectives and prepare their companies for the great challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Consulting is the art of clearly identifying the obvious and the invisible and to question the status quo with care, precision and with humour. In this way we enable our clients to turn great ideas into reality.

Integral Coaching

People who achieve great accomplishments need confidence in themselves and a strong inner foundation. Coaching is the art of enabling self-knowledge and transformation through authentic relationship and interaction. We learn together to create new realities.


Facilitation is the art of bringing people within a team into meaningful contact and therefore opening up to new horizons. Challenges and opportunities are thoroughly explored and processes designed in co-creatively. The result is a shared vision, strategies and teamwork on a new level that will sustain.

Shaping the future is the art of turning a vision into reality.

We support & empower

We support the People who are the Company

Sven Oliver Heck

Integral Facilitator® & Future Leadership Coach
Consultant Digital Leadership


Experiences connect

Life is the essence of being. Whoever has the courage to recognize reality opens the door to maturity, authentic connectedness and professional impact in the world.

Our world needs people who think, feel and act with clarity, serenity,  and inspiration.

I am looking forward to meet you and to get to know your vision of the future!


Dynamics move us

Life is movement, a dance between breathing in and breathing out. And the journey to our natural potential.

I accompany people and organisations on this journey in change processes, in team development and in individual coaching.

Together we learn the practical steps to a conscious, aware, and meaningful life.

I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Mascha Heck

Integral Coach

UltraVision - Consulting

Consulting is the art of clearly identifying the obvious and the invisible and questioning the status quo with care, accuracy and humour.

The essential and important is separated from the irrelevant. We use the resulting free space for insight, growth and inspiring new perspectives.

This process is inspiring, unsparing, straightforward, creative and respectful. This process enlivens the company and its culture.

Together we experience what really matters in order to achieve meaningful organisational development.

Focused and clear we look into the future and thereby appreciate the moment of the now.

Together we enhance potentials and enable real growth.

UltraVision - Coaching

Coaching is the art of creating a safe space for self-knowledge, transformation and awareness through authentic relationship and meaningful encounters.

Through authentic contact with our counterpart we learn to become aware of our true presence and to realize the potential that lies within us.

Integral depth-coaching illumines the mind, touches the heart and enhances our character.

We open ourselves to new possibilities, develop our capacities and experience self-efficacy. In this way, excellent leadership and practiced future competence is developed.

Working together we broaden horizons.

UltraVision - Facilitation

Facilitation is the art of bringing people into real contact and into meaningful dialogue. In co-creative fields of creation we thoroughly explore the possibilities of the “We”.

The effectiveness and quality of the teamwork is enhanced, thereby enlivening all areas of the company.

Strategy development, product management, human resources: In the shared, explorative field we enter into authentic interaction and transform human relationships into tangible possibilities.

Our actions become coherent and the culture of the company flourishes.

We are human beings and we are in relationship and this is the most important factor in life and in business.


Our Future is Now


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We are connected.